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Mental health aspects of paranormal and psi related experiences

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Title: Mental health aspects of paranormal and psi related experiences
Authors: Goulding, Anneli
Issue Date: 2004
Parts of work: I. Goulding, A. (2004). Schizotypy models in relation to subjective health and paranormal beliefs and experiences. Personality and Individual Differences, 37, 157-167.

II. Goulding, A. (2004). Healthy schizotypy in a population of paranormal believers and experients. Personality and Individual Differences. Manuscript in press.

III. Goulding, A., Westerlund, J., Parker, A., & Wackermann, J. (2004). The first digital autoganzfeld study using a real-time judging procedure. European Journal of Parapsychology. Manuscript accepted for publication.

IV. Goulding, A. (2004). Participant variables associated with psi Ganzfeld results. Manuscript submitted for publication.
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Publisher: Psykologiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet
Series/Report no.: Doctoral Dissertation 145
Avhandling 145
Keywords: Parapsychology
Abstract: This thesis aimed to investigate if paranormal beliefs and experiences represent signs of psychological ill-health or if they are neutral regarding psychological health. A further aim was to validate subjective paranormal experiences. The first part of the thesis compares two models for the construct schizotypy, a quasi-dimensional model and a fully dimensional model in the context of psychological health. The former views paranormal beliefs and experiences as pathological whereas the fully dim... more
ISBN: 91-628-6369-X
ISSN: 1101-718X
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