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Game Design Patents - Protecting the Internal Mechanisms of Video Games?

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Title: Game Design Patents - Protecting the Internal Mechanisms of Video Games?
Authors: Davidsson, Ola
Issue Date: 2004
University: Göteborg University. School of Business, Economics and Law
Extent: 1788096 bytes
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: IP
game development
game design
Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to investigate the importance of patents as a means to protect the design of video games. It also includes a survey of relevant patents in the on-line database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The background theory explains the basics of Intellectual Property law, and attempts to highlight the differences in protection provided by trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and patents. Furthermore, the video game industry of 2003 is analyzed; a r... more
ISSN: 1651-4769
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