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Enhancing Trading with Technology -A Neural Network-Expert System Hybrid Approach-

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Title: Enhancing Trading with Technology -A Neural Network-Expert System Hybrid Approach-
Authors: Liljeblad, Daniel
Issue Date: 2003
University: Göteborg University. School of Business, Economics and Law
Extent: 45 pages
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Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Expert System; Hybrid System; Neural Network; Technical Analysis; Trading;
Abstract: The identification of specific patterns in stock price derived from technical stock analysis heuristics, which after occurring resulted in a predefined price movement, was the subject of this research effort. The motive was to enhance the profitability of an investment method based on such patterns. To identify the specific patterns resulting in the predefined price movement, artificial neural networks were used. A theoretical model for combining an expert system, filled with knowledge from... more
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