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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2007Accounting and gender across times and places: An excursion into fictionCzarniawska, Barbara
2006The Corporate Social Performance Dilemma: Organising for Goal Duality in Low-Income African MarketsEgels-Zandén, Niklas; Kallifatides, Markus
2005CSR in Electrification of Rural AfricaEgels, Niklas; Gothenburg Research Institute
2007Evaluating Strategies for Negotiating Workers' Rights in Transnational Corporations: The Effects of Codes of Conduct and Global Agreements on Workplace DemocracyEgels-Zandén, Niklas; Hyllman, Peter; Hyllman, P. Centre for People and Organization, Stockholm School of Economics
2006Exploring the Effects of Union-NGO Relationships on Corporate Responsibility: The Case of the Swedish Clean Clothes CampaignEgels-Zandén, Niklas; Hyllman, Peter
2006Förtroendefulla kläder: Omdefinitionen av svenska klädföretags leverantörsansvar (1995-2005)Egels-Zandén, Niklas
27-Aug-2008From empathy to autism – how ignorance became the normTöllborg, Dennis
2003Imperialist javisst? – Etik på outnyttjad marknadEgels, Niklas
2003Intressentmodellen – En värld full av missförstånd och tolkningarEgels, Niklas
2007Politics Is Not the Business of Business: Corporate Social Responibility in Leading Firms in ChinaEgels-Zandén, Niklas
2007Post-Partnership Strategies for Defining Corporate Responsibility: The Business Social Compliance InitiativeEgels-Zandén, Niklas; Wahlqvist, Evelina; Department of Human and Economic Geography, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg; Wahlqvist, E. Dep of Human and Economic Geography, Gothenburg university
2008The Processes of Defining Corporate Responsibility: A Study of Swedish Garment Retailers' ResponsibilityÄhlström, Jenny; Egels-Zandén, Niklas
2007Suppliers' Compliance with MNCs' Codes of Conduct: Behind the Scenes at Chinese Toy SuppliersEgels-Zandén, Niklas
2008TNC Motives for Signing International Framework Agreements: A Continuous Bargaining Model of Stakeholder PressureEgels-Zandén, Niklas
2008Transnational Governance of Workers' Rights: Outlining a Research AgendaEgels-Zandén, Niklas
2004Web Woman: The On-line Construction of Corporate and Gender ImagesCzarniawska, Barbara; Gustavsson, Eva; Gothenburg Research Institute
2005Virtual Servants: Stereotyping Female Front-Office Employees on the InternetGustavsson, Eva; Gothenburg Research Institute
2007Yunus Janusansikte: En kritisk granskning av försäljning till världens fattigaEgels-Zandén, Niklas
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