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18-May-2021The Political Participation of the Poor: Local Social Context and the Impact of Social Ties on the Political Engagement of Poor IndividualsJöst, Prisca
12-May-2021Pledge-based accountability: Voter responses to fulfilled and broken election pledgesMarkwat, Niels
6-May-2021What explains the credit ratings in economically advanced democracies? Unpacking the role of political stability through ideology, corruption, and transparencySychowiec, Maciej
20-Aug-2020Mating and Political InequalityFrödin Gruneau, Moa
16-Sep-2019Quality of Government and Political Behavior: Resignation and AgencyAgerberg, Mattias
16-Aug-2019Clientelism, conditional cash transfers, and cross-class coalitions: why governments expand pro-poor redistribution.Bergman, Elin
13-May-2019The Decline of Class Voting in Sweden 1968–2014: Reconsiderations, Explanations and the Role of the New Middle ClassVestin, Erik
13-May-2019Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict: Threat, Mobilization and Gender NormsKreft, Anne-Kathrin
28-Jan-2019Operational Military Violence: A Cartography of Bureaucratic Minds and PracticesMalm, Anders
19-Dec-2018Sex, crime and politics. How organized crime influences and adapts to political institutions, with a particular focus on sex traffickingJonsson, Sofia

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