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dc.subjectdecolonial strategiessv
dc.subjectcollaborative performancesv
dc.subjectperformance gamesv
dc.titleThe Kraken Skool of Financesv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorLagerström, Cecilia
art.typeOfWorkArtistic conference presentation (video 46 min)sv
art.relation.publishedInAlliances & Commonalitiessv
art.description.workIncludedA performative card game presented as a video work, including gaming, conversations, videos of artistic performative work, histories, archives, verbal presentations, mapping and performance instructions (46 min)sv
art.description.projectCollaborative work & directing of actions/videos and text
art.description.summaryThis conference presentation was a video piece in the form of a card game that was played and performed. This meant that a performative situation was rigged where the group was playing the card game and each card revealed and opened a “world” within the project's research
art.description.supportedByRiksbankens Jubileumsfondsv

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