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dc.subjecthistorical performance practicesv
dc.subjectstudent-teacher transmissionsv
dc.titleJohann Sebastian Bach: Tilman Skowroneck harpsichordsv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorSkowroneck, Tilman
art.typeOfWorkArtistic work, CD recordingsv
art.description.workIncludedCommercial CD recording TYXArt, TXA19133sv
art.description.projectSee the attached booklet for more extensive notes and the track list. This CD combines works by J.S. Bach that can be classified as transcriptions of one kind or another. The 6th English suite BWV 811 exists only in manuscript copies by Bach’s students, the three pieces in E-flat major BWV 998 are Bach’s own arrangements for harpsichord of music for the lute, and the violin partita BWV 1004 was transcribed in the 1970s for harpsichord by Gustav Leonhardt. The recording, made I October 2018, is the culmination of several years of working with this repertoire, and especially with Leonhardt’s transcription of the famous Ciaccona for violin solo, which is the final piece of the violin partita. The focus on my research around this piece (begun in 2012) was on the mechanics of teacher-student transmission and how I was able to arrive at my own way of performing the piece after initially copying another player’s musical approach. About the Bach/Leonhardt Ciaccona, see also:
art.description.summaryA CD with works by J.S. Bach: the 6th English suite BWV 811, three pieces in E-flat major BWV 998, and the violin partita BWV 1004 transcribed for harpsichord by Gustav
art.description.supportedByTYXArt (record label). Part of my research about the Bach/Leonhardt Ciaccona was made possible by a research stipend from Högskolan för scen och music, Göteborgs
art.relation.uri The program of this CD is connected to my 2017 Bach recital at

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