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dc.subjectWorkshop designsv
dc.subjectdesign sprintsv
dc.subjectembedded designsv
dc.subjectservice designsv
dc.subjecthealthcare innovationsv
dc.titleCoDesigning Healthcare Design Sprintsv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorHookway, Samantha
dc.contributor.creatorSvensson, Anton
art.typeOfWork4 Day Design Sprint workshop with client – Children’s Health
art.relation.publishedIn4-day Workshop, collaborating with Anton Svenssonsv
art.description.projectCoDesigning Healthcare Design Sprint held in Gothenburg on April 2 -5, 2019. It was a 4- day design sprint consisting of a day of introduction and a 3-day workshop experience. The sprint worked with a starting brief from the Childrens’ Healthcare Center of the region of Västra Götaland was as follows: The Starting Brief: In Sweden, children participate in BVC Services (Child Health Center Services) from the age of 0 to 6 years. Information on the child’s health and development is exchanged through this very important relationship for both the parents and for the state. In the relationship communication could possibly be improved upon and, thus, for the next 3 days, we will together work to understand, to map, and to prototype the communication flows of delivering health information between nurses to parents and parents to nurses. The above serves as the umbrella for the following two focus areas: 1. Information on the different visits during the child's time at BVC. 2. Information in regards to prepping for a visit. (the child’s perspective) This 4-day sprint was part of a greater 2- year project funded by Nordplus Horizons and CIRRUS with collaborating Nordic/Baltic Universities: University of Gothenburg, Lapland University and the Estonian Academy of the Arts. The aims of the cross-border project are for knowledge share with other designers working in the healthcare context, to expand and advocate for more healthcare providers to use design in their developmental processes, and finally for each of the design faculties of participating Universities to place design activities into each local society and system. Or in other words, as the application proposal stated: “The activities proposed within Co-Designing healthcare are to improve not only the expertise of the proposed Nordplus Horizontal network project partners, but also their relationship to the community by fostering simple low-cost innovations through design thinking in hospitals - North Estonia Medical Centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Lapland Central Hospital - affiliated to the HE institutions responsible for managing Co-Designing Healthcare activities. Such bottom-up or, patient-led approach to health and social care services has important lessons for a new era of medicine, defined by patient engagement.” This sprint was the experiential base and embodied contribution to the first year of the knowledge sharing project, sprints were also held in Tallinn, Estonia and Rovaniemi, Finland during April and early May. Since these instances, the group has worked to cowrite an article, and have drafted this article, plus we are working to take the project to the next level in 2020 – where we will sprint the sprint facilitators. There we plan to take on an even more critical eye to what we do while using the methodology of design sprinting inside the healthcare
art.description.summaryCoDesigning Healthcare Design Sprint held in Gothenburg in April. It was a 4-day design sprint consisting of a day of introduction and a 3-day workshop experience. The sprint worked with a starting brief from the Childrens’ Healthcare Center of the region of Västra Gö
art.description.supportedByNordplus Horizontal, CIRRUS are funders. Collaboration with Salhgrenska Academy, Barnvärdcentralen, Estonia Academy of the Arts and Lapland Universitysv

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