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dc.descriptionRegarding the translation of the Portuguese title “O papel da Fábrica” as ‘the role of the factory in English: in Portuguese the word Papel means both Paper and Role, and this is conceptually important for the project since one of the text concerns a narration about paper-making
dc.subjectnarrational performancesv
dc.subjectperformative actionsv
dc.subjectworking class aestheticssv
dc.titleO papel da fábrica (En: The role of the factory).sv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorAlves, André
art.relation.publishedInCentro de Arte Oliva (São João da Madeira, Portugal).sv
art.description.project“O papel da fábrica” (En: “The role of the factory”) is a performative approach to two original texts about the relationship with work. The first text, “To be able to say we are with you work is all we ask for” narrates an infatuated epistolary exchange between an I and the idea of work. This text was inspired by Gilbert & George’s 1970’s piece “To be with art is all we ask.” The second text (with the homonymous title) “The role of the factory” instigates reflection about the shifts of contemporary work, the sites of labor and the typologies of labor through the use of auto-ethnographic references. The project focuses aspects of a textual, performative, documentation, spectatorship and narrational
art.description.summary‘O papel da fábrica’ is a performative presentation about the relationships with work, presented in the exhibition “Trabalho Capital # Ensaio Sobre Gestos e Fragmentos,” curated by Paulo
art.description.supportedByCollection Norlinda e José Lima. Akademin

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