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dc.subjectUnderground Publishingsv
dc.subjectPiracy Projectsv
dc.subjectAuthorship and Ownershipsv
dc.subjectAndrea Franckesv
dc.subjectRosalie Schweikersv
dc.titlePublishing as Collective Practicesv
dc.title.alternativeMore VERB, less NOUNsv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorWeinmayr, Eva
dc.contributor.creatorZhu, Jinglun
art.typeOfWorkInterview in print publicationsv
art.relation.publishedInThe NetLetter, Centre for Curatorial Studies, CCS Bard, Annandale on Hudson, New Yorksv
art.description.projectThis interview forms part of a research publication on the NetLetter, an underground zine and community newsletter that circulated in small pockets of New York City in the early 90's. "Spearheaded by Carol "Red Ed" Braddock III, The NetLetter assembled different ephemera that reflected aspects of art and nightlife scenes of the East Village, and the general social atmosphere of the time: exhibition postcards, music, party and club flyers, menus and food coupons, memos, business cards, matchbooks, condoms, and other miscellaneous ephemera. Each issue was presented in an unbound structure, held together by a transparent plastic magazine bag." (Jinglun Zhu) Building on this research the inteview investigates forms of production, distribution and consumption of contemporary independent publishing practices and the shift of their "currency", when they move from the hands of their intended addressees to the vaults of
art.description.summaryIn this interview, Eva Weinmayr and Jinglun Zhu discuss the production and circulation of underground publications, the politics of authorship and reproduction, and publishing as collaborative knowledge

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