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dc.subjectconversation seriessv
dc.subjectartists talksv
dc.subjectTeater Hallandsv
dc.subjectRegion Hallandsv
dc.subjectArt Inside Outsv
dc.titleConversation series Skavet: Art=dangerous – guest Marianne Lindberg De Geersv
dc.contributor.creatorWesterberg, Susanne
art.typeOfWorkCollocutor in the conversation series, Skavetsv
art.relation.publishedInSkavet, Teater Halland, Svärdfiskgatan 8, 432 40 Varbergsv
art.description.summaryThe conversation series Skavet is a cooperation between the institution Art Inside Out, the county of Halland and Teater Halland. The mainguest was this day Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Artist, playwright, director, author and cultural debater I was invited together with Krystallia Sakellariou, artist based in Varberg to talk with Marianne about the society, democracy and freedom of speech relative to art, the necessity of art, why is art needed, what role can art have and what role do we want art to have. The talk initiated as a way to bring up and share thoughts about complicated things that’s hard or even impossible to answer or deal with. 3 (3) Moderator was Petra Johansson Executive for Art Inside Out and Anna Sjövall artistic leader at Teater Halland. The evening began at 18.00 in the lobby at Teater Halland serving drinks and smörrebröd. The talk started with a presentation of the institution, Art Inside Out and Marianne Lindberg De Geer. At 19.30 we entered the stage, me and Krystallia made a short presentation of us and our artistic work then the talk started. During the talk we were interacting with the audience, many interesting questions about how to use art for integration, for communication and as a way to make change through art and artmaking were discussed. At 20.30 the talk was over and until 21.00 Marianne Lindberg De Geer presented her new book, “På drift”.sv
art.relation.uri kulturevenemang/skavet-konst-livsfarligtgast- marianne-lindberg-de-geer/sv

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