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Carbon cycling in Baltic Sea sediments – In situ investigations with benthic landers

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Title: Carbon cycling in Baltic Sea sediments – In situ investigations with benthic landers
Authors: Nilsson, Madeleine
Issue Date: 25-May-2018
University: Göteborgs universitet. Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Institution: Department of Marine Sciences ; Institutionen för marina vetenskaper
Parts of work: Paper I. Nilsson, M., Kononets, M., Ekeroth, N., Viktorsson, L., Hylén, A., Sommer, S., Pfannkuche, O., Almroth-Rosell, E., Atamanchuk, D., Andersson, J. H., Roos, P., Tengberg A. and Hall, P. O. J. Organic carbon recycling in Baltic Sea sediments – An integrated estimate on the system scale based on in situ measurements. Marine Chemistry, submitted

Paper II. Nilsson, M., Ekeroth, N., Kononets, M., Hylén, A., Viktorsson, L., Almroth-Rosell, E., Roos, P., Tengberg, A. and Hall P. O. J. Particle shuttling and oxidation efficiency of organic carbon - In situ sediment observations in contrasting brackish marine environments. (Manuscript)

Paper III. Kononets, M., Nilsson, M., Tengberg, A., Ekeroth, N., Hylén, A., van de Velde, S., Blomqvist, S and Hall, P. O. J. In situ incubations with a benthic chamber lander system: Performance, quality control and capabilities with recommendations for a best practice (Manuscript)

Paper IV. Hall, P. O. J., Almroth-Rosell, E., Bonaglia, S., Dale, A. W., Hylén, A., Kononets., M., Nilsson, M., Sommer, S., van de Velde, S. and Viktorsson, L. Influence of natural oxygenation of Baltic Proper deep water on benthic recycling and removal of phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon and carbon Frontiers of Marine Sciences (2017) 4:27,

Date of Defence: 2018-06-15
Disputation: Fredagen den 15 juni 2018 kl. 10.00, Stora Hörsalen, Botanhuset, institutionen för marina vetenskaper, Carl Skottbergs gata 22B, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: Baltic Sea
Carbon cycle
In situ DIC flux
Benthic landers
Abstract: Coastal seas, estuaries and continental shelves are the connection between land and the open ocean, and due to high productivity and strong influence from land a majority of the marine organic carbon (OC) cycling and preservation in sediments occurs in these areas. Sediments are hotspots in the C cycle also since they constitute a link between the biogeochemically active C pool and the C pool that cycles on much longer timescales, and benthic processes will thus have an effect on atmospheric CO2... more
ISBN: 978-91-7833-072-0
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