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Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words

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Title: Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words
Creator: Weinmayr, Eva
Schweiker, Rosalie
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2017
Published in: Leeds College of Art, Leeds, UK
Publication type: artistic work
Keywords: Radical librarianship
Radical Archives
Feminist and De-colonial Strategies
Gender Studies
Library and Information Science
Summary: Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words is a critical workshop / presentation questioning universalizing standards of library classification and sharing strategies and experiences of developing and instituting context-based, user-centred, categorization schemes for particular collections. With Maria Fusco (Edinburgh College of Art) and Wendy Kirk (Glasgow Women Library) SPUR, and Rosa Nussbaum (artist, designer London), Rosalie Schweiker, Eva Weinmayr (AND Publishing, London)
Supported by: Leeds College of Arts, UK
Description of project: The project forms part of my ongoing investigation around the organization and classification of knowledge trying to examine potential ideological implications of classification schemes in institutional libraries. The series “Library Interventions” at Leeds College of Art attempts to assess the opaque processes of cataloguing in the college library. It reviews library science scholar Emily Drabinski’s claim, that classifications and subject headings are by their very nature “socially produced an... more
Type of work: Presentation / Workshop
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Artistic Works / Konstnärliga arbeten Akademin Valand (jul 2012-)



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