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Effects of foam rolling on ankle joint ROM and hamstring flexibility

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Title: Effects of foam rolling on ankle joint ROM and hamstring flexibility
Authors: Brengesjö, Oskar
Lohaller, Jonathan
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2017
Degree: Student essay
Series/Report no.: HT17-01
Keywords: Ankle joint
Foam rolling
Hip joint
Abstract: Foam rolling is a popular tool among athletes and recreationally active individuals. The manufacturer's promises athletic improvements but little is known what benefits the foam roller gives. In this intervention study, we will explore self-myofascial release with foam rolling. 17 recreationally active subject foam rolled the hamstring muscle, calf muscles, and plantar fascia for 60 seconds with one leg, the other leg was used as the control group. The ROM and flexibility in the ankle and hip jo... more
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