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dc.contributor.authorRova, Moa
dc.description.abstractAbstract Essay/Thesis: 30 hp Program and/or course: Master Thesis in Strategic HRM and Labour relations Level: Second Cycle Semester/year: Spring 2017 Supervisor: Freddy Hällsten Examiner: Karin Allard Report No: Keywords: Human Resources, Change agent, Planned approach on change Emergent approach on change, Role conflict, Role ambiguity Purpose: The purpose of this study is to describe and analyse the impression HR professionals have on change. Theory: The theoretical frameworks used in this study are the nature of change and roles in organisations. The first framework refers to two different stances on perceiving change, namely ‘the planned approach’ and ‘the emergent approach’. These are used to analyse how the respondents perceive change. The second framework includes ‘role expectations’, ‘role conflict’ and ‘role ambiguity’. These are used as tools to analyse how the respondents perceive their role in change. Method: The study has applied a qualitative research design with semi-structured interviews as the chosen type. The sample consists of twenty-one HR professionals, from both public and private sector. Result: The results show, in contrast to what previous studies have indicated, that HR perceive the area of change and their role in it as important. This role is although perceived to be ambiguous and unclear to some extent. The results also show that a planned approach on change is more common among the HR professionals. Although, the findings indicate that an emergent approach could be of use in organisations, due to the many challenges and risks a planned approach imply. The study emphasises the importance of defining the HR role in change. It is further argued that HR needs to take the role they want to have in change, market themselves better in organisations as well as display how they can
dc.subjectHuman Resourcessv
dc.subjectChange agentsv
dc.subjectPlanned approach on changesv
dc.subjectEmergent approach on changesv
dc.subjectRole conflictsv
dc.subjectRole ambiguitysv
dc.titleHow HR Professionals Perceive Change and Their Role In It - A qualitative studysv
dc.title.alternativeHow HR Professionals Perceive Change and Their Role In It - A qualitative studysv
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Gothenburg / Department of Sociology and Work Scienceeng
dc.contributor.departmentGöteborgs universitet / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskapswe
dc.type.degreeStudent essay

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