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Robust Design and Analysis of Automotive Collision Avoidance

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Title: Robust Design and Analysis of Automotive Collision Avoidance
Authors: Sjöberg, Anders
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2017
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Simulation-based optimization, response surface methodology, radial basis functions, multi-objective optimization, Pareto optimal solutions, trigger edge, tunable parameters, false intervention, robustness, positive and negative performance scenarios.
Abstract: Automotive collision avoidance systems help the driver to avoid or mitigate a collision. The main objective of this project is to find a methodology to improve the performance of Volvo's automotive collision avoidance system by optimizing its configurable parameters. It is important that the parameter setting is chosen in such a way that the automotive collision avoidance system is not too sensitive to uncertainties. However, finding an optimal parameter setting is an overwhelmingly complex prob... more
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