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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2011Alien Fish Species in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Invasion Biology in Coastal EcosystemsKalogirou, Stefan
28-Aug-2009Bloom dynamics and population genetics of marine phytoplankton - Community, species and population aspectsHärnström, Karolina
2-Nov-2010Ecological disturbances: the good, the bad and the uglySvensson, J. Robin
12-Sep-2008The evolution of flat periwinkles Littorina fabalis and L. obtusata emhasizing mitochondrial introgression and restricted recombinationKemppainen, Petri
13-May-2009Immunotoxicology in Marine Invertebrates - Effects of Manganese on Immune ResponseCarolina, Oweson
2007Introduced marine macroalgae and habitat modifiers : their ecological role and significant attributesNyberg, Cecilia D.
5-Nov-2010On the ecophysiology of Baltic cyanobacteria focusing on bottom-up factorsMalin, Mohlin
22-Feb-2012Phenotypic variation in sexually and asexually recruited individuals of the Baltic Sea endemic macroalga Fucus radicans: in the field and after growth in a common-gardenJohannesson, Kerstin; Forslund, Helena; Åstrand Capetillo, Nastassja; Kautsky, Lena; Johansson, Daniel; Pereyra, Ricardo T; Råberg, Sonja; Department of Marine Ecology - Tjärnö, University of Gothenburg, Strömstad, Sweden
25-May-2011Polymorphism, selection and tandem duplication of transferrin genes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) - Conserved synteny between fish monolobal and tetrapod bilobal transferrin lociAndersen, Øivind; De Rosa, Maria Cristina; Pirolli, Davide; Tooming-Klunderud, Ave; Petersen, Petra E; André, Carl; Department of Marine Ecology-Tjärnö, Gothenburg University, S-45296 Strömstad, Sweden.
8-Apr-2011Seals and fisheries: a study of the conflict and some possible solutionsKönigson, Sara
18-Nov-2011Spatial distribution and conservation planning of seabed biological diversityGonzalez Mirelis, Genoveva
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11



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