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dc.subjectLive electronicssv
dc.subjectInteractive musicsv
dc.subjectGenerative musicsv
dc.subjectComputer-mediated interaction modelssv
dc.subjectAutonomous improvisers, systemic improvisationsv
dc.subjectSystemic improvisationsv
dc.titleCircle Keyssv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorDahlstedt, Palle
art.typeOfWorkInteractive composition/systemic improvisation for keyboard and live electronics, programmed by the
art.relation.publishedInTällberg Forum 2013, Opening Session, June 13th, Main Tent, Tällberg, Swedensv
art.relation.publishedInTällberg Forum 2013, as part of the Bryt upp, bryt upp (Breaking times) concert installation, June 14th, Tällberg, Swedensv
art.relation.publishedInVetenskapsrådets Symposium om Konstnärlig Forskning och Utvecklingsarbete, Konstfack (University College of Arts, Craft & Design), Nov 28, 2013, Stockholm, Swedensv
art.relation.publishedIn3:e Våningen, Lindblads Ande concert series, Dec 10th, 2013, Göteborg, Swedensv
art.description.projectSe bifogad PDF!sv
art.description.summaryAn interactive piece for keyboard performer and live electronics, emulating four virtual musicians controlled by the playing of the human performer – who at the same time interacts musically with
art.description.supportedByComposed and developed within the project Creative Performance, funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR)sv

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