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dc.subjectSite-Specific Artsv
dc.subjectElisabeth Kubler-Rosssv
dc.subjectLars von Triersv
dc.subjectHeritage Studiessv
dc.titleUntitled (Dance of Death)sv
dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorBowman, Jason E.
art.typeOfWorkSite-Specific Artsv
art.relation.publishedInTjolohölm Castlesv
art.description.projectUntitled (Dance of Death) is a set of curtains hanging in the White Visitors’ Bedroom. The pattern refers to psychoanalyst Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ 1969 hypothesis of five stages of grief that follow visitation by trauma, extreme change or death. A not too dissimilar diagram charting the trajectory of the planet Melancholia and its impending collision with Earth appeared in Lars von Trier’s film, shot in the grounds of Tjolöholm beyond the windows where these curtains now hang. Untitled (Dance of Death) also represents what a process of making art responsively to a specific heritage site may entail. This project was supported by a Critical Cultural Heritage Grant from GU and was produced in association with the European Union funded project, In-Site, which seeks to examine the possibilities for contemporary art in heritage contexts/
art.description.supportedByCritical Heritage Studies Grantsv

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