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dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorAl-Khatib, Ahmad
art.typeOfWorkSound recordingsv
art.relation.publishedIn321090 Institute du Monde Arabesv
art.description.summarySabîl (Institut du Monde Arabe 321090) Ahmad joins up with percussionist Youssef Hbeisch on this CD of his own compositions, which includes comprehensive liner notes. 1. Khundî Ma'ak (Take me along) 7:18 2. Sifr El-Khurûj I - Musa (Exode I - Moses) 4:19 3. Sifr El-Khurûj II - Kan'ân (Exode II - Canaan) 1:52 4. Sifr El-Khurûj III - Nahrayn (Exode II - Two Rivers) 4:26 5. Bayyâ' El-Ward (The Rose Vendor) 5:46 6. Li Alix (For Alix) 5:08 7. Maqâm li Ghazzâ (Maqâm for Gaza) 4:39 8. Sabîl (On the Way) 4:39 9. 'Ors (Wedding) 4:37 10. Shadhâ (Fragrance) 4:35 11. Ya Halâlû yâ mâlû (Their Palestine) 5:38sv

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