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Socio-Economic Impacts of CSR

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Title: Socio-Economic Impacts of CSR
Other Titles: A minor field study of the ready-made garment industry in Haryana and Karnataka, India
Authors: Hillman, Josefina
Onkamo, Emil
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2012
Degree: Student essay
Series/Report no.: Nationalekonomisk inriktning
Keywords: CSR, India, garment industry, development economics, codes of conduct, Global Compact, socio-economic development
Abstract: Globalization and the emergence of global value-chains have changed the way business relates to society. CSR has emerged as a concept promoting equality throughout multi-national corporations different subsidiaries. International labour standards are to be enacted through voluntary commitments by corporations in developing countries, sometimes in place of functioning law enforcement. This minor field-study set out to gather information on a number of parameters related to this socio-economic d... more
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