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A Wave Propagation Solver for Computational Aero-Acoustics

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Title: A Wave Propagation Solver for Computational Aero-Acoustics
Authors: Solberg, Elin
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2012
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Helmholtz equation, Lighthill’s analogy, computational aero-acoustics, finite element method, Galerkin/least-squares stabilization, infinite element method, computational fluid dynamics
Abstract: Simulation software is increasingly replacing traditional physical testing in the process of product development, as it can in many cases reduce development times and costs. In a variety of applications, the reduction of noise is an important aspect of the product design and using methods from the field of computational aero-acoustics (CAA), the generation and propagation of sound in air may be simulated. In this project, a FEM-based solver for the three-dimensional Helmholtz equation, mo... more
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