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IMAGE: Om tolkning av dagsaktuella bilder

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Title: IMAGE: Om tolkning av dagsaktuella bilder
Authors: Elchner, Björn
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2011
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: image
images produced daily,
image subjectivity,
image competence
Abstract: This paper emphasizes that the analyzing and the intepretation of images, involves an holistic view, including intention, content, message, and the influence on the observer. The paper focuses on daily produced images. The starting point of this paper is ´image´ in the concept of ´the written image´. The theory- and method textcritical perspective. used in this paper is close connected to Paul Feyerabends, Against Method, and to Robert Farrells work Feyerabend and Scientific Values. This pa... more
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