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Mellan polerna. Reflexiv- och deponenskonstruktioner i svenskan

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Title: Mellan polerna. Reflexiv- och deponenskonstruktioner i svenskan
Authors: Lyngfelt, Benjamin
Issue Date: 2007
Publication type: article, peer reviewed scientific
Organization: Göteborgs universitet. Institutionen för svenska språket
Citation: Språk och stil, 17 s. 86-134
Abstract: Structures that are neither quite active nor passive, or neither quite transitive nor intransitive, are often marked morphologically. In Swedish, the typical markers are reflexives and so-called deponents. The latter are formed by an s-suffix on the verb, which is also used in passives and derives historically from the reflexive sig. This article explores the inventory of reflexive and deponent constructions in Swedish. Based on an investigation of some 400 reflexive verbs and 200 deponent verbs... more
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