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18-Nov-2020Explorations of the Relationship Between the right to Make Decisions and Moral Responsibility in HealthcareHartvigsson, Thomas
9-Jun-2020Natural Language Processing for Low-resourced Code-switched Colloquial Languages – The Case of Algerian LanguageAdouane, Wafia
5-May-2020Why the pond is not outside the frog? Grounding in contextual representations by neural language modelsGhanimifard, Mehdi
30-Aug-2019Minds, Brains and Desert: On the relevance of neuroscience for retributive punishmentStråge, Alva
30-Aug-2019Disarming Context Dependence: A Formal Inquiry into Indexicalism and Truth-Conditional PragmaticsPetersson, Stellan
31-Jan-2019Detection and Aptness: A study in metaphor detection and aptness assessment through neural networks and distributional semantic spacesBizzoni, Yuri
18-Jan-2019Modal Empiricism Made Difficult: An Essay in the Meta-Epistemology of ModalitySjölin Wirling, Ylwa
7-Dec-2018Moral Disagreement and the Significance of Higher-Order EvidenceTiozzo, Marco
25-Oct-2018Audience design in interaction: studies on urban adolescent spoken languagesForsberg, Julia
3-Sep-2018Mapping vowels: Variation and change in the speech of Gothenburg adolescentsGross, Johan

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