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    • Continuous Examination with Increased Student Participation in the Medical School in Uppsala 

      Persson E; Ander F; Hoppe A; Nyström K; Birgegård G (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2007)
      The Study Programme in Medicine in Uppsala is in a process of radical change. The traditional curriculum is currently being changed into an integrated case-based one. This project has focused on developing a proposal for ...
    • Dialogue Seminars as a Pedagogical Tool for Case Studies 

      Göranzon, Bo (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2008-09-23)
      Teaching of the case study methodology has a central place in the postgraduate education within the research field of skills and technology. Our pedagogical idea in this project is to implement a doctoral course based on ...
    • Interaction Design Methods in Fashion Design Teaching 

      Berglin, Lotta; Cederwall, Sara Lotta; Hallnäs, Lars; Jönsson, Birgitta; Kvaal, Anne Karine; Lundstedt, Lotta; Nordström, Maria; Peterson, Barbro; Thornquist, Clemens (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2008-09-23)
      The expressiveness of use is of focal interest in fashion design, which makes the perspective of act design important in learning/teaching. The objective of the project presented here was to introduce interaction design ...
    • Interactive Learning of Algorithms 

      Rantakokko, Jarmo (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2004)
      Visualization is believed to be an effective technique for learning and understanding algorithms in traditional computer science. In this paper, we focus on parallel computing and algorithms. An inherent dif_culty with ...
    • Peer teaching a way to enhance learning on Enterprising and Business Development 

      Tidåsen, Christine (Myndigheten, 2004)
      We will introduce peer teaching in the Enterprising and Business Development (EBD) Programme at Växjö University. Peer teaching increases the students learning at the same time as it fosters self-confidence and makes the ...
    • Personal technologies in user-centred design of collaborative activities for decentralised education 

      Nilsson, Kenneth (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2002)
    • The development of an Internet-based learning environment to support physics teaching/learning outdoors 

      Popov, Oleg; Engh, Rolf (Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning, 2006)
      The overall aim of this project was to contribute to making the study of physics in teacher education more effective, interesting and more attractive to women student, by developing an activity- and inquiry-based outdoor ...
    • Verksamhetsförlagd lärarutbildning och specialpedagogisk kunskap 

      Ahlberg, Ann; Målqvist, Mabel; Welin, Anita (2005)
      I den förnyade lärarutbildningen ska alla studenter tillägna sig specialpedagogisk kunskap och kompetens. Enligt lärarutbildningskommitténs betänkande är det nödvändigt, eftersom den stora utmaningen i dagens skola ...