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29-Mar-2021Enriched, task specific therapy in the chronic phase after strokeVive, Sara
15-Feb-2021Registry-based studies of return to work after stroke - part of the work after stroke study (WASS)Westerlind, Emma
8-Feb-2021Hearing in early old age: current perspectivesHoff, Maria
8-Oct-2020Physical activity on prescription in primary care. Impact on physical activity level, metabolic health and health-related quality of life, and its cost-effectiveness - a short- and long-term perspectiveLundqvist, Stefan
3-Sep-2020Occupational engagement after stroke - a long-term perspectiveWassenius, Charlotte
4-Jun-2020Comprehending the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. Feasibility, outcomes and experiences of frail older peopleWestgård, Theresa
13-May-2020Internationally adopted children with unilateral cleft lip and palate - longitudinal perspectives on speech production and language abilityLarsson, AnnaKarin
14-Apr-2020Physical fitness and exercise in adults with congenital heart diseaseAshman Kröönström, Linda
12-Dec-2019Life is doing. Facilitators and hindrances for occupational performance in adults with cerebral palsy - including methods of interventionBergqvist, Lena
11-Dec-2019Changes in writing processes caused by post-stroke aphasia or low-grade gliomaJohansson-Malmeling, Charlotte

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