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23-May-2014Suicidal behavior in late life: population and patient perspectivesMellqvist Fässberg, Madeleine
5-May-2014Clinical studies on long-term lithium treatment and kidney failureAiff, Harald
2-May-2013Social phobia among the elderlyKarlsson, Björn
2-Nov-2020Treatments and outcomes in bipolar disorderJoas, Erik
14-Jan-2010Neurochemical and neuroendocrine reactions during non-neurological surgeryAnckarsäter, Rolf
24-May-2019On cognition and personality in bipolar disorderSparding, Timea
21-Apr-2021Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers and cognition in older adultsArvidsson Rådestig, Maya
4-Dec-2009Susceptibility genes in conformational diseasesvon Otter, Malin
17-Jan-2014Quantitative neuroproteomics for biomarker discovery in Alzheimer's diseaseHölttä, Mikko
28-Apr-2020Depression among Swedish 70-year-olds - Sex differences from a gender perspectiveRydberg Sterner, Therese

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