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2003Imaging Properties of Digital Radiographic Suystems. Development, Application and Assessment of Evaluation Methods Based on Linear-Systems TheoryBåth, Magnus 1974-
2002Sexual selection before and after copulation in water stridersDanielsson, Ingela 1969-
1974Skin temperature over a localized heat source : an experimental study with reference to the clinical use of infrared thermography-
29-Jan-2009Susceptibility effects in MRI and 1H MRS. The spurious echo artifact and susceptibility measurements.Carlsson, Åsa
22-Feb-2013Modelling late toxicity in hypofractionated radiation therapyPettersson, Niclas
21-Feb-2014Modeling of radiative processes in organic scintillatorsNilsson, Jenny
14-Jan-2010Quantitative analysis of tumor growth and response to therapyMehrara, Esmaeil
5-Sep-2008Studies on the gamma radiation environment in Sweden with special reference to 137CsAlmgren, Sara
5-May-2014Detection of pulmonary nodules in chest tomosynthesis: Comparison with chest radiography, evaluation of learning effects and investigation of radiation dose level dependencyAsplund, Sara
12-Apr-2019Strategies for optimisation of 177Lu-octreotate therapy – exploring local administration and combination therapy regimensSandblom, Viktor

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